When we started we vastly underestimated the amount of money we would need to get started, which has led us to look at less traditional funding approaches to help bridge the gap between what we needed and what we asked for. So far we have been helping out Bad Craft's cash flow with part-time jobs and other minim-ish wage work that takes not only our time, but our energy. And if there's one thing running a small business needs, it's Energy! Engagement! Excitement! Without supporters like you we will have to continue to split our time between Bad Craft and a myriad of small jobs to keep the lights on.

Your support allows us to focus on our creative pursuits including an exciting new wave of products and projects we want to develop. We believe in documenting our failures as well as our successes and hope this Patreon page can be a resource for those of you working on projects of your own. We'll be sharing video updates on projects, leather care videos, and videos that answer whatever questions our community has about love, life, leather, doggos, whatever you want to know! 

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